Charles Stermer - IT - Stanford Who's Who Certified

Charles Stermer - IT - Stanford Who's Who Certified

IT - Stermer Consulting, Inc.

Charles is the Founder, President and CEO of Stermer Consulting, Inc, a recognized expert in Operational IT Business Administration and Management across all computer services and enterprise technologies for small and medium size businesses.

Earning his Bachelors Degree from the Oregon Institute of Technology, Charles continued to launch his career with seventeen years as the Manager of Service Marketing and Technical Support Operations for Amdahl Corporation. Broadening his skill-set in the leadership capacity, Charles advanced through a number of Directorships, while simultaneously earning his MBA in Executive Management and Operations from the New York Institute of Technology.

Culminating his talents to reach the pinnacle of his career as the Co-Founder of ECO-IT Networking, Charles leads the company’s worldwide strategic direction, drawing on his extensive experience in service management and operational management to fuel consistent growth and 100% revenue increase annually for almost 5 year.

Charles left ECO-IT at the end of 2012 to found a small boutique Business Consulting Service practice (Stermer Consulting, Inc), focused on providing business pre-launch planning, and management to several small stealth projects and global consulting services to a few select enterprise clients.


Stermer Consulting performs global business development, launch optimization, operational administration and business consulting services for several stealth and post launch start-ups and operational business struggling to identify and structure optimization techniques designed to yield increased efficiency and margin.

Service Busines Optimization

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